Automotive Technology Course | OBD-2 Repair Strategies 1

Automotive Technology Course | OBD-2 Repair Strategies 1

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The first video of our OBD-2 Repair Strategies lays out the ground work to the OBD-2 or On Board Diagnostics Second Generation, which covers all 1996 and newer vehicles sold in the US. OBD-2 or OBD-II is a requirement for any manufacturer to sell cars in the US. Europe has a similar system. OBD-2 covers vehicle diagnostics and operation. Emissions programming and repair strategies are also part of OBD-2.

* This video covers the 9 OBD-2 Modes of Operation.
* The Data-Link connector electrical characteristics and wiring diagram. What
each pin of the DLC is for.
* All the communications protocols, including CAN. What they are and how this
affects you as a technician or DIYer…
* Drive-Cycle resetting procedures. What to do and what not to do. The drive
cycle is the only way to reset the ECM or engine control module back to
normal parameters once the DTC or codes are erased. See what it is.
* An in-depth analysis of DTCs or diagnostics trouble codes. How to use them.
* Monitors and how to reset them. Resetting monitors is now the single largest
bottleneck in any repair shop or DIY operation. Why? See how it all fits
* Freeze-Frames coverage. The FF are snap shots of the conditions present
when the DTC was set. See how to use FF.

This first video in the OBD-2 series is a first step in launching your mind into a set of technological concepts needed for any modern automotive diagnostic. Presented using advanced software CG animation technology to help you understand. Part of our OBD-2 series shown here on this channel. Enjoy…


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